PODCAST – I Like My Tea Sweet Episode 4

By conNECKted TOO / July 10, 2020

Charleston Rhizome Collective · Episode 4 – Activism and Police Enforcement / 3 Minute Snip-it   Activism and Police Enforcement 3-minute snippet What advice would you give relatives, friends or even yourself about being part of a movement for social change? Welcome to this conversation about activism and the presence of law enforcement. Since you’re […]

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A quick SC history fact

By conNECKted TOO / July 4, 2020

as shared by SABRINA HYMAN On July 4, 1965 my uncle was arrested amongst what is known as the “Edisto 13” for “trespassing” which really meant being black and having the audacity to come on our pure white beach. This case was later part of the catalyst that lead Judge Perry and “other South Carolina […]

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By conNECKted TOO / July 4, 2020

Here’s an audio I recorded last night. Talking starts at minute 00:45. note: There is a point around minute 4:40 where I misspoke, slightly, saying “slavery was ratified” but meaning to say “the abolition of slavery was ratified.”  Self-governed. Autonomous. Free. Did you know Charleston is older than America? Yes, I’m reflecting on Charleston’s 350th […]

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By / July 2, 2020

(click here for original formatting) conNECKtedTOO—>TINYisPOWERFUL is launching an other Art and Culture, in/with community experiment in defense of TINY BUSINESS as a sustainable form of commerce. After ‘the Charleston Cut’, dedicated to barbering, we are launching TINY CULINARY, to support the cause of very small restaurants and/or food-related entreprises unable to comply with the […]

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How-To Add to

By conNECKted TOO / July 1, 2020

Send “Specials” information about your events, activities, offerings, announcements, accomplishments or updates to this online community-info board. You can also submit a piece for the “Reservoir” like responses to current events, stories, brainstormings or experiences, public letters… These features are available to everyone! Watch the video for a step-by-step tutorial or click here for a […]

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When The Torch is Passed: The Bowens’ Legacy and Future

By conNECKted TOO / June 24, 2020

by AYSHA BOWENS Burke High School Class of 2020 Valedictorian The legacy that I would like to leave behind is not only for my family but for those who travel the same path as mine. While my path was full of support from family members and friends, opportunities that allowed me to meet influential people […]

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You Know Where I Stand

By conNECKted TOO / June 4, 2020

Please do not mistake my absence from posting on social media as silence. I found myself feeling pushed pushed pushed to say SOMETHING when actually I was at a complete loss for words in response to the senseless acts of violence, MURDERS and overt racism smeared across the face of America seeping through viral videos […]

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Podcast Experiment/Collaboration

By conNECKted TOO / April 18, 2020

by Aysha Bowens When you think of the word experiment, do you think about a podcast? Maybe, maybe not you may think of science. With Science and a podcast there is a correlation, the procedure, also known as the scientific method. For example, the moment the idea of a podcast with Rain came about, I […]

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Rising Together: What Bread Making Has To Do With Art In/With Community

By conNECKted TOO / April 16, 2020

by Markelle Elizabeth Evans                   Last Friday, conNECKtedTOO hosted its third Zoom gathering during quarantine in regards to the health and safety of our communities during COVID19. For those that are not familiar with Zoom, it has risen in popularity during quarantine as a digital communicative tool […]

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PODCAST – I Like My Tea Sweet Episode 1 part 1

By conNECKted TOO / April 3, 2020

LISTEN TO EPISODE 1 ON SOUNDCLOUD BY CLICKING HERE: Hello everyone, this is a part of the conversation with Theron Synpe. Please stop by, stay and enjoy the honesTEA. Episode 1 – Part 1 of Art & Culture with Theron Synpe. – – – Meet the Creators – – – “I Like My Tea […]

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