As a group where Education, Art and Activism intersect, the CHARLESTON RHIZOME COLLECTIVE – grassroots, inter-generational and inter-racial by design – has committed to conNECKtedTOO, a project of ART & CULTURE IN/WITH COMMUNITY FOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. We will seek and involve partners:

  • to support and promote TINY BUSINESS in Charleston, as a vital part of commerce and neighborhood
  • to build a mentorship program and awaken in YOUTH a spirit of entrepreneurship
  • to fully embrace THE ARTS AND THE SPIRIT OF THE ARTS as activators of sustainability


We envision COMMUNITIES where issues of exclusion and inequities in economics, education, housing and business no longer exist. For us BELONGING means celebrating all histories and cultures as we build a future together. The COLLECTIVE believes that PEOPLE and TINY BUSINESSES are more important than profits. For this intent:

  • we experiment, we research
  • we exchange skills, we teach each other
  • we take personal responsibility
  • we promote socio-economic equity
  • we denounce the cultural impact of gentrification
  • we amplify the voices of low wealth, disadvantaged and historically
  • marginalized communities
  • For us collaboration means shared ownership and autonomy not consensus.