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By SONIA OSIO, Lead artist of “In the Whorl of Time”

“In The Whorl of Time” is a collaborative Art piece made of circles animated by the hands of over 400 youths from James Simons Montessori School in Charleston SC and 200 from five other schools in Ecuador and Atlanta GA, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of James Simons School.

After a year of investigation of the most important issues of 100 years in Charleston and at the school led by Educator Pamella Gibbs, this Vision came to reality.

This piece was inspired by my work with the Global Mandala and one more time I could prove to myself the power of collaboration, WE more than ME will always make more meaningful changes and individual transformations, as ART is a way to educate, to move the core of who sees it, to inspire questions, to inspire action, to not forget those who came  before us, who gave their life for social justice and freedom.

I am deeply touch by this experience, by every story shared in this piece. Thanks to all conNECKtedTOO artists-apprentices-educators for this collaboration.

Gwylene and Jean Marie, WE really Did it ALTOGETHER!”

This is not a good picture (Pam, Gwylene and I) but I love it.I am so happy we worked good together

Informational tours are organized at James Simons Montessori School
on the
2nd and 4th WEDNESDAY of each month.

Email to register.

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