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by Debra HOLT

This red brick mid-century building was constructed in 1964 by the African American Construction Company of H. A. DeCosta. It consists of two sections: the Sanctuary and the Sunday School.  The connected sections were constructed at the same time.  From 1964 to 2015 the church served the needs of the Zion-Olivet Congregation which moved to a new facility out of the city.  While the neighborhood’s character has changed the church’s exterior and principle interior spaces are intact.

Cannon Street Arts Center Charleston SC

Owned by the Patterson Smith Company, 134 Cannon Street is presently leased to the City of Charleston for ten years. It is managed by the Office of Cultural Affairs.  Pure Theater has a three year agreement for the office and scene shop in the rear. They use the performance space roughly 180 days a year.  Russell Smith of Smith Patterson directed the renovations.  This building is growing to be an important part of the MLK District’s culture. It is where conNECKtedTOO is planning a presentation for Piccolo Spoleto 2019 giving a voice to TINY Business as a vibrant form of commerce in the area.

You want to see what art can do to stimulate your neighborly sentiments? Come and babble with the Artists, Apprentices, TINY business Leaders, Educators of conNECKtedTOO around “YOU BET ’N ME N’ ME ’N YOU”  a three- dimensional installation, a large sculpture which shows your favorite TINY BUSINESS cluster in the MLK District and elsewhere, shining, bouncing, joking, highlighting its best side… and stimulating your sense of tomorrow.
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