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“Coming back to France from my first trip to the States in 1975, I was asked about Florida, California, New York and I answered with what I knew: tobacco fields, hippies, and fiddle music from North Carolina Appalachian mountains. When I came back from Hawai’i last month and was asked about the beaches, I answered with what I lived through there with my ILI fellows: multiculturalism, reclaiming the land, a fish camp, anti-blackness issues, a stage performance with Muthi Reed, Hula and so much more. Ili means “skin” and I deeply felt mine.”  – Gwylene Gallimard


2018/19 ILI Fellows Cohort at Red Shirt Overlook in Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Photo by Melisa Cardona


South+Appalachia Creative Placemaking Leadership Summit:

In April in Columbia, the Charleston Rhizome Collective will present:“conNECKtedTOO: toward the development of a Web App.” Keep in touch at


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